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            Guangzhou Chemicals is making full preparations for the 127th Canton Fair


                Affected by the global epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, the 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15. It is understood that this online Canton Fair will cover the whole world, with the number of overseas purchasers attending the fair online exceeding prior years. To Guangzhou Chemicals, this Canton Fair will be a vital battle.
                In order to do a good job in the online exhibition of the 127th Canton Fair, Guangzhou Chemicals carries out detailed planning on personnel selection and training, venue design, and equipment purchase. The company plans to send an elite business team for a 24-hour rotational online marketing. In addition, the company has specifically purchased professional equipment for conference communication. Guangzhou Chemicals will arrange special venues layout for live and recorded broadcast.    
                During this online Canton Fair, Guangzhou Chemicals not only will dedicate on selling original main product series such as daily chemical washing, water treatment, ceramics, pigments and paints, but will also promote new disinfectant products. After the outbreak of COVID-19 virus epidemic, the demand for disinfectant products has increased significantly.
                The company has reached collaboration agreements with several suppliers to purchase and sell disinfectant products. Previously, the company has signed export orders for anti-epidemic materials of over 6.8 million US dollars, of which disinfectant products accounted for the majority. Guangzhou Chemicals will further promote the international business of anti-epidemic materials especially the disinfectant products through this online Canton Fair.
            Written by Li Canhua   


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